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Pet Pals! A Special Kid’s Program with Dr. Sally Hodson, Wed., Aug 3rd, 11-12PM in the Library

2nd Annual Pet Pals!

2nd Annual Pet Pals!

Lopez Island Library welcomes for the second year, Dr. Sally Hodson, children’s book author and K-12 educator, for this special kids program on pet safety. The Pet Pals! program teaches children learn how to greet dogs and cats, steps for caring for pets, when to leave pets alone and what to do when confronted by a scary dog or cat. The program is interactive with life-sized plush dogs and cats for demonstration. Lovable “real” guest dogs, Chester and Dusty, will again join in the fun and help kids practice what they learn. The program will include information for parents and children called “Pet Talk” – what dogs and cats communicate with body language and sounds. This year’s program will also include information on how to approach service dogs and once again finishes with a dog/cat craft activity that kids can take home with them. Children who participate in an education program about the humane treatment of animals acquire many skills that can help them become more caring and responsible adults. Don’t miss this fun and essential program for kids! Adults welcome too! (Program Note: Held in place of Preschool Story-time which will return the following week)

Thank you Sean Gaskell for a terrific evening of music! West African Kora Musician Sean Gaskell – An Evening of World Music, Thursday, May 12th, 7-8 PM, Woodmen Hall

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Musician Sean Gaskell and his West African Kora

Join the Lopez Island Library for an evening of world music as musician Sean Gaskell gives a performance/educational demonstration on the Kora, an ancient 21-stringed harp from West Africa.  The music is traditionally played by oral and musical historians known as  Griots (Gree-ohs). While the Kora is only 300 years old, some commonly played songs can be traced back 800 years to the founding of the Mande empire.The Kora is a very melodic and seemingly peaceful instrument, which is contrary to its musical themes. Many songs tell ancient stories of war and hardship, while others praise people of high political status and those who helped expand the Mande empire. The evening will feature traditional songs that are the heart and soul of the Koras musical repertoire in addition to some of his own personal compositions.  Sean Gaskell learned how to play throughout the course of multiple visits to the Kora’ homeland in Gambia, West Africa. He has studied extensively under the instruction of Malamini Jobarteh and Moriba Kuyateh, both of Brikama, Gambia. He has been featured at a number of music festivals in the US, Gambia, and Senegal. This beautiful program of music is sponsored by Friends of the Lopez Library.

Art in the Library: “Listening to the Sea”, the Artwork of Aurore Maren, Artist Reception-Exhibit Opening, November 6th, 2015, 2PM-4PM, through-out the library

Aurore Maren Image

Listening to the Sea

The Lopez Island Library proudly presents the work of artist Aurore Maren featuring photographs, glass and watercolors.  This exhibit is held in conjunction with an exhibit of her oil paintings on canvas at the Lopez Island Post Office.  We encourage you to visit the exhibit at the library and at the post office and enjoy the beauty and perspective of her work.  Join us for the artist’s reception and talk Friday, November 6th at 2PM.

Additionally, Aurore Maren will lead two workshops to accompany this exhibit, one for adults & one for children.

Adult Workshop  Listening to the Sea: A Study of the Sea’s Voice, Thursday November 12th from 6 -8 pm fireside at the Lopez Island Library.  Artist & writer Aurore Maren will offer a workshop for adults devoted to finding one’s own expression within the Sea’s voice. She will reference her work currently hanging in the library and the Post office as well as literary references from Virginia Woolf, Joseph Conrad and Herman Melville. Participants will be given an opportunity to write a short piece in response. Please come and celebrate
the Ebb and Flow of life!  Free to all.

Children’s Workshop  Listening to the Sea: What do you hear? Saturday, November 7th from 2:00 to 3:30.  Artist & writer Aurore Maren will offer a workshop designed to give children an opportunity to look at the work from the exhibit then draw or write what they “hear” through looking at an image of the Sea.  Aurore has worked extensively with Children who have alternative ways of learning and in this workshop she will offer a many medium approach providing
children a way to explore what they hear and see in an image. Materials provided, free to all.

The artist has shares her bio with our library community:
Aurore Moursund Maren first crossed the Atlantic by ship at 4 years. Being on the the vast expanses of ocean for days with storms and the horizon marked her Soul. What follows is an account of a few experiences which focused the artist’s inner lens:
A child of 6 is given a brownie camera. A young girl uses her first earned money to
buy a Canon TX to use in a high school photography class. Her mother dies, she feels
a longing to see more deeply. A young woman shows her black and white photographs
at a gallery at Colorado College where she studies English. A few years later, she puts
together a portfolio of landscape photographs for her application to Cornell’s
Graduate program in Landscape Architecture .During these classical Landscape studies, she begins to work in oils and watercolor.She has several shows of Landscape photographs at Cornell and in Ithaca. Shecompletes her master’s in Landscape Architecture with a minor in Creative Writing:poetry, and a design thesis: “Myth Into Landscape”. During this period, at Exeter
College, Oxford, she takes her studies on an innovative path to explore the ways in
which writers use Landscape to express some aspect of character.
Years pass while she practices Landscape Architecture in her sole operated design
practice. She teaches Spatial Design at a Community College using her vast collection
of slides from her travels across America, England, Europe and India. Her interest in
her client’s psychological relationship to their land lead her to concentrate her interests
on the interaction between the Earth’s Soil and the Human Soul.
She studies psyche, and receives a Master’s degree in Social Work from Columbia
University and trains as a Jungian Analyst. She works as a therapist with children with
auditory processing disorders, and with adults and children in the aftermath of the
trauma of 911 which she witnessed.
She moves herself across the Untied States back to her Native Northwest. She
works clinically in the aftermath of Katrina, a trauma of disassociation of landscape.
2015 finds Aurore at home on Lopez Island and on the waters of the Salish Sea. For
11 years in this island landscape she has continued to explore Psyche and Place through
the mediums of Photography, Painting, Glass and Words.

Aurore Maren Image 2

Water Poem

Pet Pals! A Special Program for Kids on Pet Safety, Wed., July 29th 11am to 12 pm

63276955The Lopez Island Library welcomes Dr. Sally Hodson of Orcas Island, children’s book author and K-12 educator, for this special kids program on pet safety. Our own LAPS (Lopez Animal Protection Society) highly recommended her program and the library is grateful.  Children will learn how to greet  pet dogs and cats, steps for caring for pets, when to leave pets alone and what to do when confronted by a scary dog.  The program is interactive with life-sized plush dogs and cats for demonstration. Lovable “real” guest dogs, Chester and Dusty,  will also join in the fun and help kids practice what they learn. The program will include information for parents and children called “Pet Talk” – what dogs and cats communicate with body language and sounds. The event finishes with a dog/cat craft activity that kids can take home with them. Children who participate in a humane education program acquire many skills that can help them become more caring and responsible adults. Don’t miss this fun and essential program for kids!  (Held in place of Baby Story-time and Preschool Story-time which will return the following week).

2105 Summer Reading Program begins Monday, June 15th!

srp hero 2015


The Lopez Island Library is excited to announce the 2015 Summer Reading Program. This year’s theme is “Every Hero Has a Story.” It begins Monday, June 15 and runs for 8 weeks, ending on Saturday, August 8.






Students entering grades 6-12 will earn a raffle ticket for every 75 minutes spent reading books or e-books (including graphic novels or manga) or listening to audio books. Tickets may be put toward any or all of six different prizes: a $25 GameStop gift card, a $25 ITunes gift card, two $25 Lopez Bookshop gift cards, and two $25 cash prizes (one prize per reader). Tweens and teens signing up for the program also get to choose a free book! The goal for tweens and teens is 600 minutes spent reading. Those who reach this goal will get a raffle ticket plus 5 bonus tickets, and a set of earbuds or an LED-light stylus. Raffle prize winners will be selected on Tuesday, August 11. You need not be present to win.


The Summer Reading Program for readers up to 5th grade will run on the same dates: Monday, June 15 – Saturday August 8. Come sign up at the library and receive an activity packet. All participants who read or listen to ten books will be eligible for a goodie bag. Readers may also earn Book bucks to spend at the Lopez Bookshop.

Other Summer Programs for youth include Baby Time and Storytime (Wednesdays at 10 & 11am); the second annual Musical Instrument Petting Zoo on Saturday, July 18 from 1:30-3:30pm; Pet Pals – learn to greet and be with pets safely – on Wednesday, July 29 from 11am-noon; and Beetle-mania: Meet Our Insect Neighbors on Friday, August 7 from 11am-noon.

Mark your calendars for the 35th annual Teddy Bear Picnic at 11am on Wednesday, July 15th in the orchard behind the Library. Charley Thweatt will entertain us with songs and fun. If we are very lucky, Mr. Bear may come out of hibernation to give us a dance.

Having fun isn’t hard, when you’ve got a library card!


Poetry for Everyone: The Final of a Series of Three Poetry Classes, Sat. May 23rd, 1:30-3:30 pm

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Do you love poetry? Do you write poetry? Or are you, perhaps, a little bit afraid of it? Whichever category you fall into, you may enjoy the third and final class at the Lopez Library. The first two were devoted to contemporary poets, May Oliver and William Stafford. This last session will focus on the writings of Naomi Shihab Nye.

Like the others, this class will be interactive and open to everyone, from the simply curious to creative writers of any genre. Participants will join with others to read aloud and enjoy selected writings and poems by Nye. They will “learn about poetry from the poem,” as Edward Hirsch wrote in “How to Read a Poem and Fall in Love with Poetry.”

Instructor and facilitator JoEllen Moldoff, who lives on Orcas and coordinates the Writers’ Roundtable there, has been writing and teaching poetry for 25 years. Soon after moving to Orcas from New York in 2001, she began teaching memoir and poetry writing at the Orcas Island Library. Participants in her popular classes appreciate her sense of play and creative adventure, the beauty she finds in written words and the safe environment she creates for exploration. She has studied with several accomplished poets, including Sharon Olds, Linda Pastan, Jane Hirshfield, Ted Kooser and Nye.

This poetry series is sponsored by the Lopez Library, SHARK REEF Literary Magazine and the Lopez Bookshop. Contact the library at 468-2265 with questions or for more additional information.

PEAK culminates in Odlin Park field trip

Nine kids who love the outdoors piled out of the bus at 2:15 on Tuesday, December 16th for the sixth and final session of the library’s PEAK (Promoting Environmental Awareness in Kids) program. They were joined by library assistant and program coordinator Beth St. George, parent-volunteer Tim Fry, and Spencer Spit State Park volunteer Meghan Herold.

IMG_20141216_151556438_HDRHaving spent the past five sessions learning about Leave No Trace Principles that protect the environment while we recreate outdoors, the PEAK kids were ready to evaluate campsites and trails and recreate responsibly.

Spreading out in small groups, they found a doggy bag dispenser

IMG_20141216_143119944_HDRand garbage cans to encourage the “Trash Your Trash” principle and fire pits at each campsite to go with the “Be Careful with Fire” principle. They used binoculars to watch Common Mergansers and other seabirds

IMG_20141216_144055663_HDRfrom a distance and “Respect Wildlife” and admired shells and feathers, but left them for future visitors, practicing the “Leave What You Find” principle.

IMG_20141216_143417658_HDRAlong the Big Tree Trail, students ogled old-growth evergreen trees

IMG_20141216_150433744_HDRand snags heavily pocked by woodpeckers.

IMG_20141216_150745801_HDROn a scavenger hunt in the group camp, kids found items older than themselves (trees), items smaller than their thumb (snowberry fruits), items with a smell (fir cone) and more.

Many thanks to the kids for their enthusiasm and learning,

group_picto Mehgan and Tim for chaperoning, and to parents, caregivers and the school for their support. Special thanks to Tim for taking photos and posting “PEAK at Odlin Park” on his Project 468 blog.

If interest warrants, Beth will offer the program again in the spring (please contact her at if you or your children are interested). For more information on Leave No Trace principles and the PEAK program, visit their website at