Art in the Lopez Library presents “Local Collects Local” – the art collection of Nancy McCoy, October 20th – November 30th, 2017

“Bob Carr’s Yawl ‘Sirius’ on Fisherman Bay” by Peter Fromm, circa 1980s

The Lopez Island Library is pleased to feature the art collection of Nancy McCoy. Her show, titled “LOCAL COLLECTS LOCAL” will be on display at the Lopez Library through November 30th .  You are invited to a reception in the Lopez Library meeting room on Friday October 20th at 3pm.

Nancy offers this narrative of her collection: “People’s personal collections have always fascinated me. Also what they collect and how they house and display their collections.

I was a professional collector on the island for 24 years, working as the Lopez Island Museum Director, acquiring island artifacts of historical significance for the museum’s collection. One aspect of my work at the Lopez Museum was chairing its primary fundraiser, its annual auction for 22 years. Local artists were usually very generous in donating their art for this community event. In the weeks and days prior to the auction, I was involved in determining the order and display of the donated objects. A number of times I found myself “having to have” a particular piece of art and would then have to outbid everyone else for it.

Some of the art in this exhibit are pieces that I was the high bidder for. Other art I purchased through island galleries and artist studio tours. Some pieces were gifted to me. There were several pieces I was lucky enough to spot at the Lopez Thrift Shop! My collection of local art just keeps growing. I live in a tiny house and am now challenged as to where my next acquisitions will go.” – Nancy McCoy