Art in the Lopez Library presents “Exploring Art Together” – the Paintings of Don and Mary Christensen, September 8th through October 20th, 2017

Watercolor by Mary Christensen

Watercolor by Don Christensen












The Lopez Island Library is pleased to feature the watercolor paintings of Don and Mary Christensen. Their show, titled “EXPLORING ART TOGETHER” will be on display at the Lopez Library through October 20th.  You are cordially invited to an artist reception in the Lopez Library meeting room on Friday, September 29th from 3 – 5pm.  In their own words:

“Don, it seemed, has always had an interest in drawing, painting and design.  He majored in Architecture at UC Berkeley and learned to draw imagined buildings in pen and ink, watercolor and pastel. Mary spent her early years learning about the world and the people she met.  A graduate of Oregon State in Home Economics led to her teaching children and adults as a career. Our family settled in the small city of Hanford, California where Don started his architectural practice.  Among the many buildings he designed was the Kings County Art center where Mary took watercolor classes from Sallie Marcellus.

Retiring in 2003 we moved to Portland where Mary had grown up.   We followed our interest in painting with two fine teachers Harold Walkup and Ruth Armitage at the Oregon Society of Artists and also Mary with Chris Williams. Daughter Mara and family moved to Portland in 2006.  Karen Fisher, our older daughter, moved with family to Lopez in 1998. Having visited them many times throughout the years, our admiration for Lopez life grew, and in 2015 we moved to the Hamlet. We continue our interest in art and are inspired by the talents and diversity of Lopez artists.

Don has begun to venture into socially responsible themes using art to illustrate environmental challenges.  Mary finds inspiration for her paintings in her life and travel. We hope you enjoy our endeavors.” – Don and Mary Christensen