Art in the Library’s Display Case: “Animals I Have Known and Loved” the Stonework of Artist Bruce Richardson; July 15 through August 16, 2016

Bruce Richardson Comorant

Cormorant inspired by local actors performing at the Anacortes ferry dock, carved in columnar black basalt.

The Lopez Island Library is pleased to feature the work of artist Bruce Richardson.  In addition to being a talented artist, Bruce Richardson and his wife Mindy are hard-working advocates of the library.  Bruce shared some of his history and process with us: “Sculpture classes at the UofW in the last century fueled my interest in carving wood and stone.  The fire still burns!  My current challenge is finding loved ones camouflaged in the form of Lopez glacial granite boulders.  “Miss Pippi,” the leopard frog who waited 10,000 years  for the sculptor’s kiss now sits in her gravel pond outside the LCCA, and a 2 ton harbor seal is emerging from his confinement in my stone yard, while a snow leopard, ptarmigan, snowy owl,  and others desperate to escape their bonds await their fate ….

My first memories of Lopez are from the early 50’s when my family camped at the south end and I discovered huge ice cream cones at the Richardson store.  Couldn’t believe there was a town named after me!  Wood carving with Gregg Blomberg for the past 25 years made a big difference in my ability and the tools I use, plus Tamara Buchanan has been a long time friend and stone sculpture mentor.  Thanks guys.  In 2010 we moved to Lopez permanently and are overwhelmed by the creativity and caring of the island community that we love being a part of.  The Lopez Library and its staff reflect and encourage the importance of finding ones calling and expressing it.”