Two Programs-One Discussion: Climate Change, Sat. July 23rd, 4PM & Sat. July 30th, 7PM at the Lopez Library


Lopez Island and Climate Change

This month the Lopez Island Library will host two SOL (Science on Lopez) programs dedicated to climate change as it affects our island community.  On Saturday, July 23rd, 4:00 PM in the Lopez Island Library Community Room join landscape architect and Kwiaht staff member Nathan Hodges for “Lands Unknown”.  Is climate change already impacting Lopez landscapes? What can we expect in the coming decades as the changing global climate comes to our shores, forests and gardens?  What can we do to create a landscape on Lopez that can not only adapt but also buffer our uncertain climate? Through the lens of our local environment, Nathan Hodges will lead us on an exploration of shifting trends and possible adaptations.  The following Saturday, July 30th, 7:00 PM on the outside lawn behind the library, Nathan Donnelly of Reverence Permaculture presents “The Ethic of Land Stewardship and Climate Change Resilience”. View Earth as the source, not the resource, in this discussion about climate change and the opportunity to reconnect responsibly to the world around us.  Through simple and beautiful earthworks, returning carbon to soil, capturing and conserving water, we can be a positive impact on the land we rely on and perhaps even become closer to it.  Nathan Donnelly’s objective for the program is to encourage empowerment and positive action with our own two hands, to be better stewards of the land we live on.    These two programs were designed to compliment each other with information and discussion and the community may attend one or both.  Generously sponsored by Friends of the Lopez Library and free to all.