The Dangerous Days of Daniel X

Dangerous_days_of-daniel_XThe Dangerous Days of Daniel X, by James Patterson

Reviewed by Attie P. (age 11)

The Dangerous Days of Daniel X is a great young adult Science Fiction novel by the highly praised author of the Maximum Ride novels, James Patterson. Daniel X is the main character of the novel. After an alien murders his parents, in their dying breath they leave him with a list of alien criminals that he is to terminate. His main target is Number 1 on the List, a dreadful alien known as The Prayer (his parents’ killer). Daniel has the power to create with his mind, but must be focused and calm or as he says “There’s only so much I can create, for a limited period. I have to be really calm, and concentrate like you wouldn’t believe. If I’m tired or cranky, forget it—it won’t work. Plus there seems to be a mass limit. Or sometimes I seem to run up against a mental block of some kind. One time I tried to create a really cool, flaming red Ferrari, but nothing happened.”

The bad guy, Ergent Seth, is a mean alien outlaw who is trying to kidnap children and force them to do his dirty work (drug dealing, etc.). Here is some background information about Seth from Wikipedia:

“Seth for short, he’s Number 6 on Daniel’s List. He is said to be a Vermgypian alien, and is described in the book by Daniel as having “an impossibly narrow, horse-like head, a dead horse’s head, covered in slack, bone-white, bloodless skin. The skin was decorated with pea-sized, puss-oozing bumps, like a diseased chicken’s.” Later, he describes Seth’s eyes as “Shiny, bulging, blood-red orbs embedded in the loose skin like larvae.” It is also said that Seth has a British accent. He is responsible for many horror movie sequels.”

The Dangerous Days of Daniel X starts off the fast paced Daniel X series. This book would be a great read for anyone who likes science fiction and adventure novels. Daniel X has some mild language, but it is a young adult book. After reading this book I started to wonder what is outside of our universe and are we alone, but then I wanted to read the next book.