The Button Blankets exhibit closes but their glow remains

IMG_20141024_152103516The Lopez Library is very fortunate to feature the work of many inspiring artists and we are grateful for the opportunity to share their work with our patrons.  The recent exhibit of Button Blankets was exceptional in a field of exceptional artwork. Last night the Button Blanket exhibit was taken down at the end of a very well attended six week show.   Many people visited the Lopez Library to view the remarkable sight of these many blankets hanging together throughout the library.  Thank you to artist Pamela Maresten and to everyone who helped with the exhibit and a special thank you to the people who shared their Button Blanket with the community.  Today a beautiful new exhibit of artwork graces the library walls but there is a lovely sense of communing that lingers in the library from the Button Blankets.  As though to punctuate that sense our patron Edi Blomberg quietly sits near the fireplace stitching the remaining Button Blanket which belongs to the library’s own Rosie Sumner.