Tech Made Simple- Free Classes 10:30-12:30

Friday April 28- Computer Basics

  • Computer and technical terms made easy
  • Storage vs. Memory
  • Files and folders, where did it go
  • Understanding the desktop pictures
  • Helpful tutorials and resources

Computers are becoming more and more part of our day to day lives, and the technology seems to change on a daily basis. So how does one even get started? In this interactive class we will navigate the computer world.  Build your confidence as you explore the technology that has invaded your life.

Friday, May 5- Technobabble

In this interactive class, we will work together with the participants to define and break down the confusing terminology that arises in our everyday lives. We will also demonstrate and provide resources for participants to find out information on their own. Our goal is for the participants to feel more confident when seeking assistance and not to be afraid to require those helping them to speak in a language they can understand.


Thursday, May 11- Connections

There are so many cables and connectors in use today, that connecting devices can be a nightmare. In this class, we will endeavor to de-mystify a few of the most common past and current cables, connectors and ports they are likely to show up in our day-to-day lives. This includes cables

  • Computers
  • Printers
  • Televisions
  • Mobile devices
  • Other peripheral devices the participants may present


Thursday, May 18-  Computer Backups

In this class we will discuss how and why it is important to back up your computer.  We will review various options to make this process quick and simple so that your data is protected in case something goes wrong with your computer.


Thursday, May 25- Connecting to the Internet

  • Where did it come from and where is it leading?
  • What is DSL, Fiber and LTE?
  • What is Wi-Fi?
  • What is Bluetooth?
  • What is a “network”?
  • How smart are our “Smart” devices?
  • What is a “Smart Home” and what are the requirements?


In just a few years the internet went from being a novelty, to a useful tool, to a necessity of everyday life.  Everything from our information, communications (email), pictures, cameras and thermostats can be controlled using the internet. This class will provide a very brief history of the internet, demystify some of the terminology, and provide insights into connecting to the internet.


Friday, June 2- Using the Internet

  • Wading through the terminology? What does it all mean?
  • Understanding websites
  • Understanding links and popups
  • Streaming content vs broadcast television
  • Online shopping and financial security
  • My life is controlled by passwords- what to do.
  • Understanding why we got so trapped and how to untangle the web

This class will provide an understanding of how the internet works, how to make the best use of it, and how to be as safe as possible while using it.