Seriously Funny: Humor, Film and Philosophy; an Evening with Professor Mike Van Quickenborne, Wed. May 4, 2015, 6:30-7:30PM, Woodmen Hall

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Mike VanQuickenborne

Join the Lopez Island Library for a fun evening celebrating the library’s very popular & dynamic film collection as we welcome Humanities Washington Speaker Mike VanQuickenborne. Can films teach us about philosophy? Is what we feel while watching a film linked to what we learn? Film holds tremendous power to shape the thoughts of audience members. Many types of films exist today, from the deeply philosophic to the comedic. What happens when you 34946046combine the two concepts into one discussion about film? In this unique take on philosophy, film and comedy, professor Mike VanQuickenborne shares brief clips from films to start a conversation about philosophy and explore issues raised by films. He believes philosophy can be a laughing matter. “I think philosophers should take themselves less seriously in general,” he says. VanQuickenborne has been melding humor, philosophy and film in his tenure as an instructor at Everett Community College for almost two decades and organized the world’s first philosophical film festival, “Philosophy in the Dark.” Lopez Island loves films!  You will leave with a renewed interest in critical thinking, philosophical questions, and the nature of truth………then stop by the library and check out one of our 8000 DVD’s.  Dramas, classics, comedies, documentaries, sci-fi, suspense, foreign (400!), TV series, romances, children’s and more.

humwa-logo-brightThis program is funded through a grant from Humanities Washington.  Humanities Washington sparks conversation and critical thinking using story as a catalyst, nurturing thoughtful and engaged communities across our state.