Review: “Gold” by Chris Cleave

Reviewed by Jules McLeland

This book is about relationships, and the main characters are Zoe and Kate who met at age 19 when they both made the cut for a special track cycling program. As the story unfolds I was caught up in the story of three bike racers. Each of them had the goal of
winning a gold medal at the Olympics. These racers are from different backgrounds and they formed a bond of friendship. Personal issues change the nature of their
relationships as conflicts arose. These conflicts are so large you wonder if their friendships will survive.

A child is born onto the scene which changes everything. Sophie is the child’s name and she lives in a world that focuses around the STAR WARS movie. She becomes sick with leukemia which causes a world of hurt to all the racers. There is a coach named Tom who adds a bit of humor to the story. This book is about the characters, how they handle success, disappointment, love and friendship.

I highly recommend it as it is a good read & I enjoyed the development of the characters as they peeled away the layers of what makes a person who they are as adults. I was hooked on the story line and wanted to learn more about the racers and how their real lives impacted their racing career. The race for “Gold” is intertwined throughout the story with success.