Reference and Research

Working on a project and need access to scholarly resources?  Researching a medical condition and want a trusted resource?  Try the Health and Wellness Center. Working on a school assignment and need primary and secondary sources, maybe video, too? Try Student Resources! Interested in earthquakes that happen today? Try USGS Earthquakes site.   The Digital Hub is a great start for peer-reviewed sources not found on Google. Want to ace that driver’s test before you take it?  Use this site: and learn how to drive a motorcycle or a commercial vehicle. Want to learn a new language?  Try Pronunciator an online foreign language course.Need to know the reading level for your student’s books? Go to AR Bookfinder and search by title or author or try Scholastic’s Book Wizard.

Ask us for direction and set up an appointment to discuss topics in depth.   We are happy to assist with your research needs.