Pet Pals! A Special Program for Kids on Pet Safety, Wed., July 29th 11am to 12 pm

63276955The Lopez Island Library welcomes Dr. Sally Hodson of Orcas Island, children’s book author and K-12 educator, for this special kids program on pet safety. Our own LAPS (Lopez Animal Protection Society) highly recommended her program and the library is grateful.  Children will learn how to greet  pet dogs and cats, steps for caring for pets, when to leave pets alone and what to do when confronted by a scary dog.  The program is interactive with life-sized plush dogs and cats for demonstration. Lovable “real” guest dogs, Chester and Dusty,  will also join in the fun and help kids practice what they learn. The program will include information for parents and children called “Pet Talk” – what dogs and cats communicate with body language and sounds. The event finishes with a dog/cat craft activity that kids can take home with them. Children who participate in a humane education program acquire many skills that can help them become more caring and responsible adults. Don’t miss this fun and essential program for kids!  (Held in place of Baby Story-time and Preschool Story-time which will return the following week).