Personal Myth Story Books, Mondays. Jan. 26th, Feb. 2nd, Feb. 9th 6-8pm

Another terrific offering from the LIFRC Employment and Life Skills Winter/Spring 2015 program schedule.  Personal Myth Story Books with Nikyta Palmisani.  What is the myth that you are living? In this class you’ll learn about Joseph Campbell’s Hero(ine)’s Journey and the underlying structure of most myths.  Using a myth that appeals to you, or one that you create, we’ll then use collage and paper arts to illustrate and transform it into a short, handmade story book with simple binding.  Open to ages 14 and up.  Pre-registration required!  To sign up, got to and click “Register for Classes” or stop by the LIFRC office.  $50 if paid by 1/15/15 or $60 there-after. In the Lopez Library Community Room.