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Self checkout now available

Lines are not something Lopezians are used to seeing most of the year.  But in July….yeah, get ready to wait your turn.  To help with this somewhat, we’ve set up a station for self-checkouts at the library.  The new station is touchscreen so even if you don’t like use computers, you can touch the screen…Read more

The Youth Graphic Novel Suggestion Lists

Written by Attie P. You may have noticed the graphic novel suggestions lists in the young adult and children’s sections of the library. What we’re trying to do is get a list of purchase suggestions for graphic novels so that the library can expand their selections. What we’d like you to do is write the…Read more

Meet new library staff: Beth St. George

Meet new part-time library staff member Beth St. George, whose duties will include cataloging and assisting with the children’s collection and activities. Prior to moving to Lopez Island this past March, Beth served as an elementary school librarian for 8 years. She introduced youngsters to the wonders of quality literature, the organization of the library,…Read more

Happy digging!

All of us in the book business have a publisher we are partial to for one reason or other – one that always delivers. Craving Science Fiction and Fantasy? I know TOR will help cure the itch. If I’m in need of a Zen moment or Asian tastes and styles? Hello, Tuttle, watcha got for…Read more

Kisses from Katie

Kisses from Katie: a story of relentless love and redemption, by Katie Davis Reviewed by Kari A. Katie Davis had the “perfect” life. Popularity, a loving family, a boyfriend, and a successful future all planned out. Perfect by some standards. But her heart had a special ache for mission work. For helping the helpless, feeding…Read more

Song of the Lioness quartet

Song of the Lioness quartet, by Tamora Pierce Reviewed by Madrona W. The Song of the Lioness quartet, written by Tamora Pierce, is a series set in the made up city of Tortall. The first book in the series is Alanna: The First Adventure, followed by three more. A young girl named Alanna switches places…Read more

The Dangerous Days of Daniel X

The Dangerous Days of Daniel X, by James Patterson Reviewed by Attie P. (age 11) The Dangerous Days of Daniel X is a great young adult Science Fiction novel by the highly praised author of the Maximum Ride novels, James Patterson. Daniel X is the main character of the novel. After an alien murders his…Read more