Thank you Lopez! A great turn-out for Nelson Treehouses, Friday, Nov. 13th, 7:00 PM Woodmen Hall

treehouse-point-sh-9 Lopez Island Library welcomes Nelson Treehouses, Friday, November 13th at 7PM, Woodman Hall.  This will be the 3rd program in the library’s SHELTER series.  Treehouse designer and builder Pete Nelson and his team have fearlessly pursued construction of complex, beautiful structures that are literally out on a limb. They are considered the #1 builder of treehouses in the world and their work has made it possible for many to realize the dream of living vertically. Lopez Island Library’s program will feature builder Daryl McDonald who as foreman at Nelson Treehouse has been Pete Nelson’s right hand-man for over ten years, building over 200 treehouses in six countries. Daryl is responsible for taking Pete’s designs and making them a resilient reality which is a complex process. “You can’t treat a living tree like a post,” he says, “It’s growing, it’s moving in the wind.” His work includes creating the core support systems for their treehouses which requires a thoughtful eye toward ensuring the health of the tree and future retrofitting as the tree expands in girth. Daryl is regularly featured with the Nelson Treehouse team on Animal Planet’s “Treehouse Masters” and conducts workshops across the country. The Lopez program will include discussion as well as breathtaking images of some of the most stunning treehouses in the world. Nelson Treehouse has published several books on treehouses and they will be available for sale at the event. Join your library for another fun evening featuring the pure joy of Shelter and stop by the library to find inspiration and solutions within its interesting selection of books on architecture and home design. This series is presented by Friends of the Lopez Island Library and through a generous gift from the Ramsey Shirk Fund.