Thank you to all who attended our program Mt. Baker: Our Beautiful & Active Volcano, Thurs., Aug 13th, 7-8 PM Woodmen Hall

Mt. Baker Image

Beautiful Mt. Baker

Thank you to all of you who attended Ian Lange’s terrific program on Mt. Baker. If you did not get a hand-out or were unable to attend you may follow this link for an overview of his information. Dr. Ian Lange-Mt. Baker Handout   (Right Click, Open Link in New Window)

Join Professor Emeritus of Geology Dr. Ian Lange for a close look at Mt. Baker (located east of Bellingham in the Cascade Range) an ice covered, dormant stratovolcano that has been intermittently active for 1.3 million years. Dr. Lange will discuss its geologic setting and eruptive history (it last erupted in the 19th Century). He will also examine future eruption scenarios with information on current activity and the major threat posed in an eruption: massive mudflows (lahars). Dr. Lange is a Professor Emeritus of Geology at the University of Montana and has taught geology classes at the undergraduate and graduate level. Don’t miss this opportunity to take a closer look at this spectacular volcano, the centerpiece of our local landscape and a mountain that doesn’t sleep. This program is brought to you by Friends of the Lopez Island Library and the San Juan Islands National Monument.