Meet new library staff: Beth St. George

Beth St. George, cataloging and children's collection

Beth St. George, cataloging and children’s collection

Meet new part-time library staff member Beth St. George, whose duties will include cataloging and assisting with the children’s collection and activities. Prior to moving to Lopez Island this past March, Beth served as an elementary school librarian for 8 years. She introduced youngsters to the wonders of quality literature, the organization of the library, and a diversity of research skills. Selecting and cataloging a wide variety of picture books, novels, and informational books to appeal to a wide variety of reading interests was an essential and pleasurable skill that she carries over to her current position. At the Lopez Island Library, Beth enjoys the opportunity to serve both adults and youth.

Beth and her husband, David St. George, Odlin County Park manager, share an avid interest in birding and natural history. Beth and David fell in love with Lopez 5 years ago when they started visiting several times a year and are thrilled to be living and working in such a special community.

Beth’s favorite reading genre is fantasy, but she also loves picture books, historical fiction, realistic fiction, and nature essays. She writes about natural history and reviews books on her blog, Bookwren’s Journey, and contributes to the Library’s webpage. Beth would like to initiate a book club for adults and youth sharing the delights of children’s and young adult literature. If interested, please contact her at