Lopez Library goes to the dogs

On August 7th, Lopez Library went to the dogs. Dogs as reading companions, that is. Research has proven that children who are hesitant to read aloud may be encouraged by reading to a dog, who never judges their reading abilities.

Thirteen girls and boys signed up to read with one of three canine listeners: Picasso a golden retriever companion to Art Korse; Chester a golden retriever with Barbara Carver; and Dusty, a Welsh Pembroke Corgi with Beth Shirk. The kids read their own books or chose from a selection of dog books at the library. Most popular was My Puppy Is Born, a nonfiction picture book by Joanna Cole. Other favorite book dogs included Marley, Biscuit, and Mudge.

Chester & friend

Chester & friend

"Cool Dude Dusty" & friend

“Cool Dude Dusty” & friend

PIcasso & friend

PIcasso & friend

A chorus of barking thanks to our three canine heroes (and their human companions, too!). And a big thanks to all the kids who came to read.

For more information about Read to a Dog programs, visit these websites:

Reading with Rover: http://www.readingwithrover.org/

Therapy Dogs International: http://www.tdi-dog.org/OurPrograms.aspx?Page=Children+Reading+to+Dogs

Dogs on Call: http://www.dogsoncall.org/r-e-a-d/