Art in the Display Case: Joyce Lyster

imageThe Library is pleased to feature the calligraphy art of Joyce Lyster in the library’s Display Case. Joyce Lyster loves the art of beautiful letters or calligraphy as it is called. She has studied them, practiced them, played with them, and used them for over 30 years. They are a very “useful” art form in that their versatility can be applied both traditionally and whimsically and they can be applied to many different media – including paper, fabric, rocks or shells. She enjoys experimenting with different tools from traditional nibs to those constructed from recycled pop cans and sticks of wood. Her friends enjoy receiving envelopes decorated with their names. Fabric wall hangings and pillows show off her letters as well as framed pieces on walls. She has done rocks with names for place settings for weddings as well as addresses on invitations. “Quotes often speak to me and they challenge me to find a way to express them creatively and artistically.” Involved in Write On Calligraphers, a calligraphy guild in Edmonds, WA, for 30 years, she was workshop coordinator for several years. As a result she was fortunate to be able to invite calligraphers from all over the world and to attend workshops with many of the best calligraphers of our day. Besides calligraphy, Joyce enjoys making books, paper arts, drawing, painting, photography, and playing the flute. “I find it difficult to stick with just one art form. I find joy in being creative in all walks of life and expressing beauty however I can. I hope you enjoy this sampling of my work and be inspired to make beautiful letters in your own daily life.”