Crawling with Beetles

Lopez Island Library was crawling with beetles and other guest insects on August 7th when Russel Barsh and Madrona Murphy of Kwiaht presented Beetlemania. At least 22 adults and 9 children came to observe and learn about our beetle neighbors. We thank the Friends of the Lopez Island Library and the San Juan Islands National Monument for sponsoring this “Science on Lopez” event.


A tiger beetle (largest, on right) and its cousins, the darkling beetles.


Kwiaht’s Madrona Murphy and a young visitor talk beetles.

Water Boatman

A Water Boatman rows around its temporary pool before being returned to the school pond.


Youngsters enjoy seeing beetles up close.


Two budding scientists examine tiny insects under a microscope.

Kwiaht's Russel Barsh prepares a ladybird beetle for an art project.

Kwiaht’s Russel Barsh prepares a ladybird beetle for an art project.

A ladybird beetle making tracks.

A ladybird beetle making tracks.

Madrona & Russel explained their participation in the Lost Ladybug Project and the fact that they discovered a species, the Nine-spotted Ladybug, that hasn’t been documented in the San Juan Islands. This citizen science project encourages people to submit their observations and photos of insects.

Russel recommends two resources for identifying local insects:

Insects of the Pacific Northwest, by Judy Haggard & Peter Haggard

Online:  BugGuide

Kwiaht is surveying insects to learn about their populations in the San Juan Islands. Many insects are essential for pollination of both wild and agricultural plants as well as being beautiful and fascinating of themselves. Contact Kwiaht for more information.