Free Computing Classes From Rock Island

Introducing Free Tech classes – TECH MADE EASY!

These classes are provided by Rock Island Communications and held in the Lopez Island Library Meeting Room from 10:30am – 12:30pm.


FridayFeb 16

iPhone Tips and Tricks


With the release of the first iPhone just under ten years ago, a revolution took place in how we communicate with each other, how we receive and process information and how we entertain ourselves. In this seminar we will take a look at some of the various devices on the market, the pros and cons to the different operating systems and a quick look at the ways, benefits in syncing our photos and content.

  • Swiping, Multitouch, Tapping.
  • Basic concepts in syncing photos, videos and music
  • Managing limited space


FridayMarch 16

iPhone Photography


Today’s iPhones have very capable cameras. However, most of its features are not necessarily obvious or easily found

Let’s explore what can be done on just the iPhone’s camera and the apps that can take better advantage of it.



FridayApril 13

Photo Editing and Organizing in Apple’s Photos App


Get your photos organized into albums and events.
Learn about the different file formats – their advantages and disadvantages. Learn how to crop, brighten, enhance and share your photos.



Friday – May 11

Smart TVs, Streaming with Roku, Apple TV, Amazon Firestick and More

  • Get a better handle on how to forego cable and satellite.What’s possible? What isn’t?
  • Get to know your remote control and why are they so hard to use?
  • What are the advantages and disadvantages?
  • What about my favorite channels?


FridayJune 15

Email Tips and Tricks

  • Good email habits keep you and your contacts safe.
    • Learn about attachments, CC, BCC and correct email forwarding etiquette.
  • Learn how to share websites, Facebook posts and pages and more.
  • What’s the difference between Webmail and an Email Client?



FridayJuly 13

Web Browsers and Internet Security

  • Get the most out of your Web Browser.
  • Learn how to use Tabs, allow or block Pop-Ups and improve your web surfing experience.
  • forming good online habits, learning what to avoid, malware prevention
  • secure password creation and how to organize those passwords.



Monday – August 10

Facebook Tips and Tricks

In this class we will talk about various aspects Facebook.

Its uses, etiquette, what to do and not do.

How it can be used for staying in contact with old friends and family as well as an online presence for businesses.


Monday – September 14

Cloud Computing and Backups

This class covers Cloud computing. The concept, ins and outs, advantages and disadvantages as well as other computer backup options.