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Patron Brenda Asterino Movie picks-Update

A new updated list, along with new categories from Brenda Asterino, library patron!  Her desire is to help people find DVDs when they come in to the library that match their interests. She created a series of lists which includes her own delightful commentary and a brief description of the subject. Simply click on a category and enjoy browsing!


TV Series Movies for older Adults

Movies for Older Adults over 70


Hobbies & Arts-Crafts DVDs

Genealogy books and DVD Death and Dying The Great Courses
Inspire or Illuminate

Compassion Project 1

Royalty Advocacy & Activism 1 

Human Rights – Civil Rights


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Young adult book review – Lady Midnight

LadyMidnightLady Midnight by Cassandra Clare

Lady Midnight is the first book in the Dark Artifices series by the Author Cassandra Clare. It takes place several years after the last book in The Mortal Instruments.  It follows Emma Carstairs and the Blackthorn Family on their adventures. The book makes for a very satisfying read. Cassandra Clare’s writing is full of wonderfully sarcastic moments and artfully written fights. It’s dangerous how emotionally attached to Clare’s characters one can become, but it is very hard not to. I would recommend her books to anyone age twelve and up.

Review by Juniper Blomberg, Lopez Island Library Summer Intern

YARLI Reads “Literary Salon-style” for December 2015

As a change of pace, the Young Adult Readers of Lopez Island (YARLI) held a “literary salon-type” meeting in December to share a wider range of books for children, teens and even adults. Ten members met at the Lopez Bookshop for two hours of food, conversation and good books. The selections were as diverse as the membership.

Diva and Flea, by Mo Willems, illustrated by Tony DiTerlizzi

DivaAndFleaSet in present day Paris, Diva is a dog living in a penthouse & Flea is an alley cat. Written for elementary level, but transcends this box. Wonderful illustrations and interesting author’s note.





The Wednesday Wars, by Gary Schmidt

wed warsSet in 1967 Long Island, a walk down memory lane with references to the Vietnam War, the Beatles, and the Monkeys. A boy finds his way through reading Shakespeare with a teacher.






Amulet: The Stonekeeper’s Curse, by Kazu Kibuishi

amuletGraphic novel: power and how to use it. Kids love it for the action, sounds, good characters & that they can read both words & pictures.







Brilliant AND A Greyhound of a Girl, by Roddy Doyle

brilliant A-Greyhound-of-a-Girl-e1367633606865-250x250 Irish voice, working class; incredible dialogue; kids take on parents’ conversations spot-on & humorous. “Greyhound” covers four generations of women.



The Finisher, by David Baldacci

THE-FINISHER-cover-277x415An isolated community surrounded by a barrier filled with monsters. Strong female heroine questions the Council & discovers her own magical abilities.







The Long Mars, by Steven Baxter & Terry Pratchett

long marsEarth is multi-dimensional; how people function with limited or extravagant resources; family dynamics. Book 3 in “The Long Earth” series.







The Chosen One, by Carol Lynch Williams

chosen oneA girl who tries to leave a polygamous culture.








The Flying Burgowski, by Gretchen Wing

flying burgowskiWhen girl starts to fly, I’m hooked, I really believed she could fly. Family relationships very realistic. Somewhat Lopezian, but island in story has its own character. “The Toad” is also a wonderful character!






Boo, by Neil Smith

booOpens and opens again; never saw what was coming. An afterlife just for 13-year-olds from the U.S.; tongue-in-cheek.







A Tale for the Time Being, by Ruth Ozeki

tale for time beingAdult, but so good she couldn’t pass up sharing it! Amazed how cruel other kids were to protagonist, an American who moved to Japan. Character finds solace & fun with her 104-year-old Bhuddist grandmother. Takes a long time to process after reading.





The Snow Goose, by Paul Gallico, illustrated by Beth Peck

snow gooseSet over 10 years during WW2 England. Story of a girl & a hunchback man who rescue an injured snow goose and each other. Timeless, heartbreaking, beautiful.






YARLI meets every 4th Tuesday, 7pm at the Lopez Island Library. Our next book is the science fiction novel Ready Player One, by Ernest Cline, on January 26th.

ready player onePlease join us! (Contact Beth at for more information.)

YARLI reads Skellig for Halloween

skellig_featherChosen by the Young Adult Readers of Lopez Island for its mild creepiness to accompany the meeting’s proximity to Halloween, David Almond’s Skellig generated broad discussion of owls, evolution, heart disease, angels, family relations, homeschooling vs. public schools, truth and dreams. The story revolves around Michael and Mina, two middle-school-aged kids from different backgrounds, who become friends through helping an odd being in a falling down garage. Skellig is an enigma who eats “bluebottles” (houseflies) but also asks for “27 & 53” and has bumps between his shoulder blades. Michael and Mina are drawn to him for different reasons: Michael as a distraction from his very ill baby sister and Mina as an inquiring mind. As the relationship between the three progresses, bizarre and beautiful events emerge.

Readers were split in their reactions, as is often true, but all enjoyed Almond’s writing, the pacing, the mystery, and certain wise phrases. Mina says: “Truth and dreams are always getting muddled.” Finally, this quote – “Sometimes we just have to accept there are things we can’t know.” – is a central theme of the story.

Members also recommend: Brilliant, by Roddy Doyle (middle-grade drama/humor); The Finisher, by David Baldacci (middle-grade fantasy); and Nolander, by Becca Mills (young adult urban fantasy).

Our next book is the award-winning historical fiction novel, Island of the Blue Dolphins, by Scott O’Dell. We will meet on the fourth Tuesday, November 24th, 7pm at the Lopez Island Library. Come join us!

island blue dolphins

YARLI reads “Miss Peregrine’s Home for Peculiar Children”


YARLI (Young Adult Readers of Lopez Island) Book Group

At the last meeting on September 22nd, 8 readers discussed Miss Peregrine’s Home for Peculiar Children, by Ransom Riggs. The general consensus was that the writing was good and the idea of the photos was intriguing. Some people loved the “peculiar’ content, other thought it was too peculiar. Compared to the original book, the graphic novel was deemed too abridged with not enough depth.




Other books members recommended were:

The House of Scorpion, by Nancy Farmer

Deerskin, by Robin McKinley

Upcoming meeting dates & books are:

27 October – Skellig, by David Almond (a slightly spooky novel for Halloween)

24 November – Island of the Blue Dolphins, by Scott O’Dell (historical fiction)

22 December – share any youth book

All ages are welcome to attend. Contact Beth ( or visit the Lopez Bookshop website for more information.