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Art in the Lopez Library presents “Form and Function – the Ceramics of Sam Bernardi, September 8th through October 20th, 2017

Ceramics by Sam Bernardi

The Lopez Island Library is pleased to feature the ceramics of Sam Bernardi. Many of you know Sam as the tech guru at the Library, but he is also a highly skilled potter. Sam is a man of many talents!  His show, titled “FORM AND FUNCTION” will be on display at the Lopez Library through October 20th.  You are invited to an artist reception in the Lopez Library meeting room on Friday, September 29th from 3 – 5pm.

Sam offers this narrative of himself and his work: “My interest in ceramics began in college, in the late 1960s, while pursuing a degree in art. Ceramics was one of my classes and at once, I was drawn to clay like no other medium I had been exposed to. I was fortunate in having a highly respected potter, Phil Cornelius, for an instructor and eventually became his assistant. Working beside Phil for a year provided me with the knowledge to embark on my own to pursue a career as a potter.

My early influences were contemporary potters of the time such as Peter Voulkus, Paul Soldner, Daniel Rhodes and others. However, in a short period of time I began to focus on the production of functional ware. Early American functional pottery influenced my work then and does still today. Form and function guides my hand. I love the idea that pieces I produce are used by people for everyday use. After reading the book PIONEER POTTERY by Michael Cardew, I was compelled to become as self sufficient a potter as possible. I have designed and built my own kilns and much of my own equipment. For most of my career, I have mixed my own clay from raw materials using equipment I adapted to clay production. Iʼve always felt that being a potter was more of a lifestyle, as opposed to being just a vocation. The skills I acquired in the pursuit of my craft have crossed over into other aspects of my life, allowing me to live somewhat self sufficiently.

Over the 47 years of my career, Iʼve experimented with various forms and techniques. The work in this display contains work from my personal collection.  There are pots from my early days and various time periods along the way. Some show the wear of use and one piece in particular was a gift to my grandmother in 1972 and returned to me when my mother passed away in 2012. Today I consider myself semi-retired from production pottery, however, my love of the medium keeps me in my studio. Currently, I am working in terra cotta and loving the new material and developing new glazing techniques.” – Sam Bernardi

Art in the Lopez Library presents: “Untethered” – the Basketry of Julienne Battalia, July 28th through September 8th, 2017, throughout the library

Weaving by Julienne Battalia

The Lopez Island Library is pleased to feature the beautiful basketry of Julienne Battalia. Her show, titled “UNTETHERED,” will be on display at the Lopez Library through September 8th. She offers this narrative of herself and her work: “I have lived on Lopez for 31 years, working and raising two beautiful daughters. In my life before becoming a single parent of two and working full time practicing Massage Therapy and East Asian Medicine/Acupuncture, I painted in water color and pastel, beaded jewelry, dabbled in ceramics and weaving on a floor loom.

Several years ago I felt a yearning to find this part of myself again. I had been curious about weaving baskets with rope, yarn and fabric from seeing an exhibit by Peggy Hubbard ( I think it was), at the library many years ago. I found a video on how to weave a coiled basket with fabric and rope. I bought a pretty patterned pillow case and some cord from the Thrift Shop and began to weave my first basket in the fall of 2015.

While in Mexico a few years ago, some friends wanted to learn coiling. I sent them to look for materials in the local craft/paper store and they returned with “synthetic raffia.” This material proved perfect! Since then I have introduced a variety of larger gage copper wire. I still frequent the Thrift Shop for re-used yarn, fabric and an assortment of other materials.

I have named this show “UNTETHERED” because the process of tethering together baskets creates inside me a wonderful untethering of mind and spirit.” – Julienne Battalia

Art in the Lopez Library presents: “Feather and Flame” the Wood Fired Ceramics of Kelsey Nelsen, June 16th through July 28th, 2017, throughout the library

Feather and Flame

It isn’t possible to adequately describe Kelsey Nelsen’s inspired and elegant ceramics.  The Lopez Library invites you to visit us with one objective: see her incredible work in the glass exhibit case at the entrance to the library.

“I am a studio potter working primarily in stoneware clay fired in atmospheric kilns. I received my B.F.A. from the University of Minnesota, apprenticed with Wisconsin potter David Caradori, have worked as an artist-in-residence at the Cub Creek Foundation in Appomattox, VA, and am currently managing and teaching at Rural Arts Clay Co-op here on Lopez.  In the studio I explore the physical relationship we experience with pottery as well as with the natural world.”   -Kelsey Nelsen


Art in the Lopez Library: Anita Stone’s Hat Collection “Chapoe du Lopez”; May 5th through June 16, 2017

Chapoe du Lopez

Join the Lopez Library for the joy and whimsy of Anita Stone’s hat collection.  We are convinced you cannot browse this exhibit without the glimmer of a smile.  Just in time for spring.  Anita shared the following with the library:   “I was already collecting hats at age 13 when a big article in the Everett Herald newspaper came out. A local gal had 500 hats! What a challenge. A few years ago my collection reached over 1,000. I stopped counting and told myself not to buy anymore. Back when I started, thrift stores did not realize the value of the hats from the Glory Years of wearing hats. You did not go out, man or woman, without something on your noggin. So I scored several works of millinery art. While working in produce at the new food Co-op in Everett I wore a different hat every day. Lacking plants or display items, I brought in a new display of hats each month for the top of the produce case. Customers seemed to enjoy it and brought beautiful hats to GIVE to me! Thus became my title ” The Hat Lady”. In our small house in Lake Stevens, one room was devoted to the collection. Every wall and the ceiling were covered. I built a floor to ceiling hat tower.”


Art in the Lopez Library presents: Butterfly Secrets-Audrey Hancock the Butterfly Lady; Mar. 24-May 5, 2017; Reception & Discussion March 31st, 3-5PM, Lopez Library Community Room

Audrey Hancock-Butterfly Secrets

The Lopez Island Library invites you to stop by the library and view a completely unique and lovely perspective on butterflies.  Audrey Hancock, locally known as the Butterfly Lady because of her deep knowledge and appreciation of butterflies, is featured in the library’s glass exhibit case. Her shop in the village is not to be missed, the beauty and wonder of butterflies abounds.  The library exhibit displays butterfly specific information on seed distribution including her 501c3 seed distribution program. The display also includes info on the farm raised immortalization & rescue program, as well as gardening tips for attracting butterflies and preserving their habitat.  Her butterfly inspired jewelry is particularly well loved and will be featured in the exhibit too.  Audrey shared the following with the library:  “I’ve had a love affair with butterflies for as long as I can remember…the Monarch in particular. Over the years my adoring fascination has morphed into a not for profit business that combines creating the much needed habitat for our struggling local species, with support of butterfly farmers around the world  preserving beautiful specimens for artistic and educational purposes.”  Visit this exhibit and learn tips & tricks to grow the most tempting & delicious garden for our local tiger swallowtails!

“Stone Figures” the Artwork of Irene Blomberg, February 10th-March 24, 2017

The Artwork of Irene Blomberg

“The journey of rediscovering my artistic self thru the
medium of stone began 8 years ago, encouraged and guided
by my friend and mentor Tamara Buchanan. When I sculpt
I am happy and free enjoying the connection with the
greater creative spirit. Each sculpture has it’s own story
and journey into being, often reflecting the course of my
own life at the time.
Tapping into the creative process with an object so directly
connected to the earth brings me great satisfaction. Before
the chisel touches down I envision where these rocks have
been and what has brought them to their current shape.
Often the stones draw in the sculptor, sensing a potential in
the artist. It is our dance together, the sculptor and the
When I am getting ready to carve I feel like I am playing
hooky from the responsibilities of life. Whether or not I
create anything of artistic value is of little concern
compared with the opportunity to simply work with stone”
-Irene Blomberg

“My Unique View” Artist Alek Taylor-Photographs and Stone Carving; Dec. 30th – February 10, 2017; Artist Reception Jan. 7th, 3-5PM

Watch Alek’s Presentation

Artist Alek Taylor

Artist Alek Taylor



“I am a native of Washington State and I have a passion for capturing and sharing the beauty of the Pacific Northwest through photography and stone carving.

Art has been a large part of my life from the beginning.  I come from a family of artists and have been surrounded by creativity in many forms.

As a child, I started in clay, using it to rehabilitate my hands after reconstructive surgeries. I progressed to mixed media sculpture and later discovered stone carving.  I like to carve away the stone and find what’s inside.

I have been taking my own photos since the age of 5yrs old when my mom gave me my first disposable camera.  Photography is a way for me to capture a moment in time.  Most of my images have little to no editing.  My goal is to show as much of what I see as possible.

Through these mediums I have been able to share my unique perspective and personal experiences and enable others to gain insight about how I perceive the world.



For more information about what has helped shape my unique world view, please visit: