Art in the Lopez Library presents: “Untethered” – the Basketry of Julienne Battalia, July 28th through September 8th, 2017, throughout the library

Weaving by Julienne Battalia

The Lopez Island Library is pleased to feature the beautiful basketry of Julienne Battalia. Her show, titled “UNTETHERED,” will be on display at the Lopez Library through September 8th. She offers this narrative of herself and her work: “I have lived on Lopez for 31 years, working and raising two beautiful daughters. In my life before becoming a single parent of two and working full time practicing Massage Therapy and East Asian Medicine/Acupuncture, I painted in water color and pastel, beaded jewelry, dabbled in ceramics and weaving on a floor loom.

Several years ago I felt a yearning to find this part of myself again. I had been curious about weaving baskets with rope, yarn and fabric from seeing an exhibit by Peggy Hubbard ( I think it was), at the library many years ago. I found a video on how to weave a coiled basket with fabric and rope. I bought a pretty patterned pillow case and some cord from the Thrift Shop and began to weave my first basket in the fall of 2015.

While in Mexico a few years ago, some friends wanted to learn coiling. I sent them to look for materials in the local craft/paper store and they returned with “synthetic raffia.” This material proved perfect! Since then I have introduced a variety of larger gage copper wire. I still frequent the Thrift Shop for re-used yarn, fabric and an assortment of other materials.

I have named this show “UNTETHERED” because the process of tethering together baskets creates inside me a wonderful untethering of mind and spirit.” – Julienne Battalia