Art in the Library’s Display Case: “Wunderkammer” the Ethereal Artwork of Marianna Haniger; August 26 through October 7, 2016

armor and crown

Yours to discover…….

The Lopez Island Library invites you to experience the mystery and ethereal beauty of artist Marianna Haniger’s new work.  We provide no clues… is yours to discover.  The artist’s statement:


“What is a myth? How do myths work? What does it take to create a myth? Is there a recipe? Is there a place you can shop for myth-starter? What if the ingredients aren’t mixed correctly? Or baked too long? I think royalty is always good for myth making. Like a good spice, you can never go wrong with royalty. You gotta have blood, swords, armor and no myth seems complete without an animal or two. Preferably one that speaks. And, how important is myth to the well being of society? Is mythology the meat and potatoes of survival? Or merely desert?

I am not an author, of this there is no doubt. Whether I am an artist or not might still remain a question. I am however, without question, a person in need. I need to understand. I need to express my curiosity. I need to step off into the dark unknown and report back my findings.  I need a place. For me this process is not an act of choice but one of compulsion, one of survival.

In the end I’m not entirely certain what the answers are. For through the process I seem to have forgotten the questions. But the journey did happen and the evidence does exist. Or is this just a dream?”  –Marianna Haniger