Art in the Library: “Tripping Out-Maps, Memories and Miracles Without GPS”, Artist Richard Singer Jan. 29th through Mar. 11th, 2016, Reception Fri. Jan. 29th 3:30-5:30m

Richard Singer ImageThe Lopez Island Library proudly presents artist Richard Singer. A reception to welcome the work will be held throughout the library Friday, January 29th from 3:30-5:30 pm. Please take a moment to enjoy the artist’s statement.

“Tripping Out” Maps, Memories and Miracles without GPS, – the artwork of Richard Singer                                                                                                               
“I like to travel, and I take a sketch book. It’s a good record of interesting things I see plus I enjoy it. Sometimes my wife Meg has to stop and read while I draw on and on. Fortunately, she is tolerant of this artist’s drive to stop, focus and create part of a future artwork. Some of this resulting art is displayed. Also I’m showing pieces which show my forays into multiple mediums and obsessions, both paintings and 3D boxes/constructions over about 45 years. Many pieces at the Library show tap what I saw and learned as I travelled, including the Polynesian stick maps I was exposed to recently in the Marquesas Islands. I was amazed by their unique artistry and priceless value to their makers, so I decided to make some and somehow include them.

I studied art at the U.W. and Cornish School in Seattle and was influenced by some fine artists in our area. First, I was a pure watercolorist. After I served as President of the Northwest Watercolor Society, I moved to Lopez and began to enjoy doing multi-media art works. At times, I won art show prizes and some money, which was always fun. I joined Lopez Artist Guild and served as president, as well as gaining some great friends.

I hope you enjoy my art pieces. It’s a privilege to show at our library.”