Art in the Library: “Listening to the Sea”, the Artwork of Aurore Maren, Artist Reception-Exhibit Opening, November 6th, 2015, 2PM-4PM, through-out the library

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Listening to the Sea

The Lopez Island Library proudly presents the work of artist Aurore Maren featuring photographs, glass and watercolors.  This exhibit is held in conjunction with an exhibit of her oil paintings on canvas at the Lopez Island Post Office.  We encourage you to visit the exhibit at the library and at the post office and enjoy the beauty and perspective of her work.  Join us for the artist’s reception and talk Friday, November 6th at 2PM.

Additionally, Aurore Maren will lead two workshops to accompany this exhibit, one for adults & one for children.

Adult Workshop  Listening to the Sea: A Study of the Sea’s Voice, Thursday November 12th from 6 -8 pm fireside at the Lopez Island Library.  Artist & writer Aurore Maren will offer a workshop for adults devoted to finding one’s own expression within the Sea’s voice. She will reference her work currently hanging in the library and the Post office as well as literary references from Virginia Woolf, Joseph Conrad and Herman Melville. Participants will be given an opportunity to write a short piece in response. Please come and celebrate
the Ebb and Flow of life!  Free to all.

Children’s Workshop  Listening to the Sea: What do you hear? Saturday, November 7th from 2:00 to 3:30.  Artist & writer Aurore Maren will offer a workshop designed to give children an opportunity to look at the work from the exhibit then draw or write what they “hear” through looking at an image of the Sea.  Aurore has worked extensively with Children who have alternative ways of learning and in this workshop she will offer a many medium approach providing
children a way to explore what they hear and see in an image. Materials provided, free to all.

The artist has shares her bio with our library community:
Aurore Moursund Maren first crossed the Atlantic by ship at 4 years. Being on the the vast expanses of ocean for days with storms and the horizon marked her Soul. What follows is an account of a few experiences which focused the artist’s inner lens:
A child of 6 is given a brownie camera. A young girl uses her first earned money to
buy a Canon TX to use in a high school photography class. Her mother dies, she feels
a longing to see more deeply. A young woman shows her black and white photographs
at a gallery at Colorado College where she studies English. A few years later, she puts
together a portfolio of landscape photographs for her application to Cornell’s
Graduate program in Landscape Architecture .During these classical Landscape studies, she begins to work in oils and watercolor.She has several shows of Landscape photographs at Cornell and in Ithaca. Shecompletes her master’s in Landscape Architecture with a minor in Creative Writing:poetry, and a design thesis: “Myth Into Landscape”. During this period, at Exeter
College, Oxford, she takes her studies on an innovative path to explore the ways in
which writers use Landscape to express some aspect of character.
Years pass while she practices Landscape Architecture in her sole operated design
practice. She teaches Spatial Design at a Community College using her vast collection
of slides from her travels across America, England, Europe and India. Her interest in
her client’s psychological relationship to their land lead her to concentrate her interests
on the interaction between the Earth’s Soil and the Human Soul.
She studies psyche, and receives a Master’s degree in Social Work from Columbia
University and trains as a Jungian Analyst. She works as a therapist with children with
auditory processing disorders, and with adults and children in the aftermath of the
trauma of 911 which she witnessed.
She moves herself across the Untied States back to her Native Northwest. She
works clinically in the aftermath of Katrina, a trauma of disassociation of landscape.
2015 finds Aurore at home on Lopez Island and on the waters of the Salish Sea. For
11 years in this island landscape she has continued to explore Psyche and Place through
the mediums of Photography, Painting, Glass and Words.

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Water Poem