Art in the Library features Artist Pamela Maresten, A Retrospective: Paint and My Fair-Weather Muse – 1972 Hop Skipping to Now, Aug 14th through Sept 25th

Pamela Maresten Artwork

Artwork by Pamela Maresten

Join us for an artist reception and talk Friday, August 14th, 2:00-4:00 PM in the library’s Community Room

In the following narrative Pamela Maresten shares the process of finding magic:

I am an “occasional” painter. Long periods of time go by before I make room in my tiny studio for messy paint projects. But once I enter the “zone” of putting fluid color to imagination/vision there is no question of why I am there.

It’s always a challenge to go somewhere new, beyond my past technical skills. To let a pleasing brush stroke or a particular color or play of light lead the way. Simple things.

1972-2013…A collection of watercolor, acrylic, brushed ink, painted prints and a few collages. Many images reflect attempts to express seasonal cycles, dreams, mandalas, and mythological stories. But the strongest inspiration is the gorgeous magic of this world of ours.

I am grateful to live in the quiet green woods where the real art show is never-ending.
I hope you enjoy this show.”

-Pamela Maresten