Art in the Display Case: “Wood Fired Vases-Full Circle” Artist Linda Barton; March 11, 2016 through April 22, 2016, Reception Friday, March 11th, 3:00-5:00PM in the library


The Work of Artist Linda Barton

The Lopez Island Library is pleased to feature the beautiful ceramics of artist Linda Barton.  Fired in the Japanese traditional Anagona kiln, this lovely work will be featured through April 22nd in the library’s glass exhibit case near our entrance.  The artist shared this statement regarding her work:

“I began in high school doing clay and later, in my 20s, was part of the Clay Studio in Philadelphia. Life took me on all types of paths, but I am back, full circle doing clay again with amazing people and in a manner I could never have imagined. We work hard, have fun and the results are stunning. It is a privilege to be part of the wood firming community.
I am an abstract expressionist at heart with a strong need to temper the cute. My pieces are not about function, that is the least important aspect of my pieces. I am driven by the organic, loose quality of clay. The process is the primary force for me. It is not about how they are suppose to look, but how the clay happens with the intense firing with wood.
These represent a few of the vases I am working with. I will be putting together a show of about 107 pieces by next year. I am currently searching for a gallery space to have this one time show.” – artist Linda Barton