Art in the Display Case: “Ceramics to Use and Enjoy”, Artist Laura Morris, May 22nd through July 3rd, 2015

CIMG3158c (2)As part of our art in the Lopez Library program we are pleased to feature “Ceramics to Use and Enjoy”, the gorgeous ceramics of artist Laura Morris.  Laura recently shared her artistic perspective with us:  “I’ve been involved with ceramics for over 30 years. The bulk of my ceramic work was done in California where I was active in the Walnut Creek Clay Arts Guild. Most of my ceramics background and general knowledge of working with clay can be attributed to the Clay Arts Guild. The guild was composed of a diverse group of people: doctors, teachers, engineers, artists, almost all the professions – all drawn together because of their love of clay. There were some whose professions really were in ceramics, but the bulk of us had other professions. We were there just because of the joy we felt when working with clay. The amazing part was this group willingly shared all of their knowledge be it about techniques, glaze combinations, or use of equipment. It was a great learning experience where everything was positive and no question trivial.  Now I live on Lopez and do my potting here. I make mainly functional ceramics – things you use on a daily basis. I volunteer in the art class at the Lopez School helping the students in the ceramic portion of the class. I assist the students in learning how to make things by hand or on the wheel, mix glazes, and do firing. In turn, I also get to make things myself. As a former teacher, this is a win-win situation.”  Stop by the Lopez Library to see a collection of her work.  A win-win for all of us.