Art in the Display Case: “Screen Printed Botanical Textiles from Woodsia Studio”, Artist Kristin Twigg, April 10th through May 22, 2015

WOODSIA-K.Twigg ImageFor as long as Kristin Twigg can remember she has found herself lying on the forest floor, in among the flowers of her mother’s garden or inspecting, drawing and photographing plants. For her it is where time stops, the world quiets, and she can be completely at ease.

Her early days were spent working in oils and watercolors, and highlights in her painting career include studying portraiture under Barkley Hendricks in Connecticut and traditional Japanese botanical painting under Harumi Nomura in Kyoto.  Within Woodsia, her hand-printed textile studio, she has the pleasure of making useful items and still combining two of her favorite activities: botanical illustration and sewing. The beautiful native plants of Lopez Island inspire her and are reflected in many of her designs. Take a moment when you visit the library to look at her work….the world will quiet for you too.