Art in the Display Case: 50 Years of San Juan Islands Memorabilia, December 18, 2015 through January 29, 2016


San Juan Islands Memorabilia Collection of Glenda Pugerude

The Lopez Island Library is pleased to host photographer and Lopez Islander Glenda Pugerude’s collection of memorabilia from the San Juan Islands.  Assembled over 50 years, this unique display is an artist’s warm tribute to our islands.  Items will bring back memories for many and bring a smile to all.

Glenda Pugerude –  “I have always loved history. The first time we came to the San Juan Islands was in 1965 . Those first years we camped on outer islands and I wanted to know about the people who settled there, what they did, and how they lived. I read everything I could find and began to collect postcards, books and stories from people we met. When we built our little cabin on Johns Island in 1977 we were so blessed to meet many people who loved to tell stories about early days in this special place. I have continued to collect items that reflect the history of the San Juan Islands and I hope that people will enjoy this collection and its view of a past we all share by living here.”