An Evening with Architect Steve Badanes : 40 Years of Jersey Devil Design/Build; October 17th 7 PM, Woodmen Hall

Steve Badanes house imageSteve Badanes of Jersey Devil Design/Build takes the stage kicking off the Lopez Island Library’s SHELTER series.  The series has been created to highlight the library’s extensive collection of house books and everything in between. For 40 years Steve Badanes has nomadically traveled the country and the world as part of Jersey Devil, living on jobsites in tents and trailers and building their designs in the U.S, Mexico, India, Ghana, Cuba, Costa Rica, and Finland. Jersey Devil’s countercultural work is organic in the true sense of the word. New York architect and critic Michael Sorkin has said about Jersey Devil: ”They kept the faith. They showed that practicing architecture is not just a matter of the mind, but something you do with your own hands. Their work has a wonderful sense of site, lapidary craftsmanship and just enough whimsy.” Steve Badanes will share his decades of work through images and discussion. He is also one of the artists behind the Fremont Troll (familiar to many of us) who shelters himself under the Aurora Bridge in Seattle. He teaches architecture at the University of Washington, where he directs the Neighborhood Design/Build Studio, and is a visiting professor at several architecture schools including yestermorrow Design/Build School (Think with your hands.) in Warren Vermont. You can check out his work at The series will also feature an evening with Dee Williams pioneer of the tiny house movement and author of “The Big Tiny” (October 28th, 7PM LCCA)  Nelson Treehouse Masters (November 13th, 7PM Woodmen Hall, and Boyd Pratt architectural historian presenting Historic Barns of the San Juan Islands (December 9th, 7PM Woodmen Hall).