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Thursday Tech Time with Director Lou Pray; 6-7 PM, Dec. 2014-May 2015

Beginning December 18th drop by each Thursday evening for a free introduction to Digital Skills Development with the library’s director Lou Pray. Learn how to use your Kindle, tablet, or iPad more effectively including how to download free electronic movies, music, and books on to your devices/computers. Need help setting up email, operating your Smartphone…Read more

Free Online DMV Practices Tests Now Available

Taking your driving test soon? Every person with a driver’s license, from a regular commuter to a racecar driver, started exactly where you are right now: worried about passing their permit test. In the past, the only thing you could do was pick up the study manual from the DMV and go over each page…Read more

Lopez Library ranked as “Star Library” for the 5th year in a row

Did you know your Lopez Island Library ranks as a “Star Library,” according to national publication, Library Journal (LJ)? The LJ Index is a measurement tool that compares U.S. public libraries with their spending peers based on four types of output measures of their per capita use. Due to our usage per capita of our…Read more

Author and Commentator Nancy Pearl, Thurs. Apr. 23rd 7-8 PM, LCCA

Spring Into Books with Nancy Pearl and the Lopez Library.  The New York Times calls Ms. Pearl “the talk of librarian circles” and on a special spring night on Lopez Island we will call her guest. Readers can’t get enough of her book recommendations and since the release of the best-selling “Book Lust” in 2003, …Read more

Did you know that Lopez Island has a Seed Library?

Did you know that Lopez Island has another library?  A seed library!  The Lopez Community Land Trust Seed Library allows you to “borrow” seeds! How does this work? The basic is idea is that you plant the seeds, let some go to seed, then return some of these next generation seeds for others to borrow. Don’t…Read more

North Pacific Gray Whales, Thurs. April 16th, 7 PM, Woodmen Hall

Join Dr. Jim Sumich, OSU Fisheries & Wildlife Courtesy Faculty for a discussion on a favorite cetacean.  North Pacific Gray Whales: One, two or more populations? Gray whales are the most observed and best studied type of whale along the Oregon coast. They are legally protected under several statutes as two separate populations; a large…Read more